Meet the Band

An informal collection of personal profiles submitted by (forced out of) current band members, in no particular order…

Grant Henderson (euphonium)

Stewart Watts (trumpet)

Sula O’Duffy (clarinet)

Louise Muir (flute)

Rowan Glegg (trumpet)

Susan Macfarlane (clarinet)

Anneli Demberg (trombone)

Jan Wallace (clarinet)

Alan Cooper (oboe/cor)

Orlaith Macqueen (trumpet)

Colin Suckling (horn)

Heather Brown (percussion)

Hazel Ferguson (trombone)

Moyra Hawthorn (clarinet)

Jonathan Smithers (bassoon)

Alison McCree (oboe)

Scott Vassie (percussion)

Charlotte Neilson (trumpet)

Neil Harper (horn)

Carrie Dixon (flute)

Michele Muir (clarinet)

Max Robeson (trumpet)

Jacqui McMahon (saxophone)

Steven Millar (horn)

John Carswell (bassoon)

Harriet Fishley (bassoon)

David Brown (flute)

Ruth Sinclair (clarinet)

…that’s all folks (for now)