NYO GB Tuba Principal

Congratulations to our very own tuba player, Douglas Scott, who was recently appointed Principal Tuba of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. Here is what he says on the NYO website


I’d like to thank my teacher JP O’Hagen. He’s taught me from the first day I picked up the tuba right through to the present day, showing me all the instrument can do.

You’re commissioning a new orchestral piece. Who’s the composer? What will the piece be like?
I’d get Hindemith to write a concerto grosso for a group of solo tubas just to see what he’d come up with.

What would you like to change in the classical music world? 
It’s a hot topic right now, but free music tuition to school kids. Playing an instrument is an incredible thing and to take that away from kids who may need it most would be a mistake.

What is your favourite orchestral piece? Why?
Sibelius Symphony no. 2 (and not just because I’ll be playing it this year with NYO!). Despite having played this a year ago, I still love this work. So emotional and deep, not to mention a good tuba part.


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