Sax trio

6 June 2014 - Sax trio... captured after the Gorsilaure concert
Photo credits: Sharon McKay

Arrochar concert

27 April 2014 - Arrochar Concert... afternoon tea with the DCB at the Three Villages Community Hall
Photo credits: David Broad, Carolyn Cooper, Ruth Sinclair, and others

RCS Conducting Workshop

16 February 2014 - Conducting Workshop
Photo credits: David Broad

Music sorting

15 February 2014 - music sorting... that's the Christmas stuff put away 'til next year

Photo credits: David Broad

Kelvingrove Christmas Concert

Sunday 22 December 2013 – Kelvingrove Art Gallery

Photo credits: Josie

Xmas lunch 2013

7 December 2013 - Annual Christmas Lunch

Photo credits: David Broad

SCBF Gold Plus Award

23 March 2013 – SCBF National Finals - Perth

Photo credits: David Broad

40th Reunion

9 February 2013 – 40th Anniversary Reunion

Photo credits: Rob Cunningham

Kelvingrove 2012

23 December 2012 – Kelvingrove Art Gallery

During this concert the Kelvingrove welcomed its 10 millionth visitor since reopening six years ago. Click here for details.

Photo credits: Ben Cooper

The Platinum Cake

8 December 2012 – The Platinum Cake

In celebration of our platinum award at the SCBF last week, Michele baked a cake...

Photo/culinary credits: David Broad, Michele Muir

Canal Festival

26 August 2012 – Kirkintilloch Canal Festival

A nicely covered stage (bandstand?) in Kirkintilloch town centre... but never did get to see the canal.

Photo credits: David Broad

Afternoon tea

7 July 2012 – Afternoon Tea with DCB... A (rainy) Saturday afternoon fundraising event in Milngavie town centre.

Catering credits: Michelle & Louise Muir, Clare Rankin, Ruth Sinclair, Heather Cutler and others yet to be identified.

Photo credits: David Broad

Kelvingrove 2011

18 December 2011 – Kelvingrove Art Gallery

Photo credits: Robert Cunningham

Music sorting 2011

2-16 July 2011 – Sorting the music library...
Here is the technical bit: there are 457 scores containing an estimated 45,000 sheets of music, with 35 different parts within each score, collected over 38 years.

Sorting credits: Alison McCree, Carolyn Irvine, Anne Dunbar, Joan Gemmel, Moyra Hawthorn, Clare Rankin, Monika Mihm, Robert Baxter, David Broad, Cameron McCulloch, Alan Cooper, Colin Suckling, Peter Mackinnon

Photo credits: David Broad

Mugdock 2011

12 June 2011 – Mugdock Country Park

Photo credits: Amy Cutler's Dad

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