DCB Kessington – FAQs

Proposed lease of Kessington Hall

Please click on the link below to view current details (22 Feb 2019) and a comprehensive list of potential questions and answers…

Kessington – FAQ – Current

Further comments and queries from band members is welcome. Please use the comments box to give feedback. (These will be moderated.)

We are going to hold a discussion session on Saturday 6th April 2019, to update the Band about the opportunity to take on the lease of Kessington Hall.  The format is that we will stop the rehearsal at about 11.20am, pack up instruments and have our tea break.  We will set up a projector with a few PowerPoint slides and start back at about 11.45am.   Robert and I will talk for 10 to 15 minutes and then open up the discussion to the floor for questions and comments for approximately 30 minutes.  Depending upon the number of comments we will finish roughly on time at 12.30.

2 thoughts on “DCB Kessington – FAQs

  1. Anne

    Comprehensive FAQ – thanks to everyone who put this together. I’m positive about this opportunity and happy to help with practical things – I’m quite good at mopping floors!

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