Valencia 2020

Provisional arrangements for the July 2020 Valencia Tour…

International Music Band Contest of Valencia


Our competition performance is currently scheduled for Friday 17 July 2020. So, depending on arrangements, we might anticipate a (very) tentative/approximate tour date of 11-19 July 2020, or thereabouts.

Please click here to register possible expression of interest. (This is just to help the committee regarding potential numbers, etc. No commitment at this stage.)

The competition is organised into 4 divisions and we have been selected for division 2 for between 51 and 80 players including 5 guest performers.  There are 6 bands in this division. We will play 3 numbers, the first, before the official competition begins, will be a paso doble (maximum of 4 minutes), then for the contest a compulsory piece chosen by the organising committee and a free-choice piece of between 11 minutes and 18 minutes. Our performance will be judged on: tuning, tone, interpretation and technique.
We will be paid €3,500 for our performance. There is also prize money of 1st €4,000, 2nd €2,000 and 3rd €1,500.

Pre contest events will take place during the week of the competition and our initial thoughts are that the tour would be for one week and include two other concerts, one in Valencia and one in the surrounding areas. The organisers have offered assistance in making contacts.