Committee nomination 2018

In accordance with the Band Constitution (para. 5), the DCB chair and committee members are elected/re-elected at the annual general meeting, and normally serve for a 3-year term in the first instance. We anticipate that a number of vacancies will arise for the 2018 session. With the consent of the nominee, any two current band members (proposer and seconder) are entitled to propose potential committee members. Details of the current committee and proposed nominations are given below.

Please use the link below (scroll down) if you wish to make a nomination, or contact the chair (David) or secretary (Harriet) if you wish to discuss possible nomination. Nominations will close 1 week before the AGM* to allow for online elections (if required).

*AGM scheduled for Saturday 29 September 2018, so nominations will close on 22 September.

Current committee:
Name Position No. of years served on committee (TBC) Proposed Committee for 2018-19
David Broad Chair 1 Willing to continue
Andrew McCafferty Vice Chair 3 Wishes to stand down
Harriet Fishley Secretary and Joint Librarian 3 Willing to stand for a 2nd term
Fiona Ross Treasurer 3 Willing to stand for a 2nd term
Kerry Shaw 3 Wishes to stand down
Jane Ireland Joint Librarian 2 Wishes to stand down
Cameron McCulloch 3 Willing to stand for a 2nd term
Bob Kennedy 3 Wishes to stand down
Nicola McConnell 1 Wishes to continue – no election required
David Brown 1 Wishes to stand down

Proposals so far:


  • David Broad (willing to continue)

Vice chair


  • Harriet Fishley (2nd term – committee nomination)


  • Fiona Ross (2nd term – committee nomination)

Ordinary members (6 vacancies, including joint librarian)

    • Cameron McCulloch (2nd term – committee nomination)
    • Emma Wylie (Ordinary member)
    • Neil Harper (Making Music Rep.)
    • Anneli Demberg (Joint Librarian/ordinary member)
    • Fiona McLean (Joint Librarian/ordinary member)
    • Susan MacFarlane (Ordinary member)

Click here to complete the online nomination form.

Nominations now closed.